Flor da Mata

Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Brand concept

1.  ALLYING tradition and modernity : Flor da Mata hopes to breath new life into this traditionnal fabric that have been left behind in recent years. The true chita is caracterized by the floral prints on a fabric called "morim" (a woven cotton), using only primary and secondary colors and serigraphy. This fabric that's come to life together with Brazil itself has become a strong cultural identity over time. To know more about chita : we wrote a few words on our blog

2.  MATCHING local resources to create 100% Brazilian products. Chita (traditional floral fabric), the jute cloth, the metal accessories, the design, the cut, the assembling, the sewing and the seamstresses, the threads, cotton and packaging... everything that's used in the process - from creation to manufacturing - is produced in Brazil. 

3.  MAKING every piece by hand, stitch by stitch. In a world where one ought to always go faster, Flor da Mata is fighting against "fast fashion" giving itself the luxury of taking its time. It's not about mass production but the opposite: it's about a handcraft organization that makes each piece unique. 

Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Fair Trade Burlap Amazonia North Brazil

We work in collaboration with the only burlap seller with Fair-Trade certification in Brazil.

Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Traditional Fabric Chita Serigraphy Handmade

We buy the chita from the oldest factory of the country. 


Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Brand concept

4. ADOPTING a Fair Trade approach. The success of the project rests mainly on an alliance of trust with our partners, based on dialog, transparency and respect. And be able to apply to the WFTO certification very soon (World Fair Trade Organization). 

5.  FACING an ethical challenge, to ask the good questions to globally understand the new consumption and production patterns, to question about the sourcing of raw materials, the way they have been made, their distribution, and to worry about the working conditions of each one. We want to place the human at the heart of our organization in a country where the notions of fair trade and ethics are yet at an early stage, especially in the world of fashion. We undertake a long term project.

6.  SHOWING SOLIDARITY : 3% of our profits are donated each month to one association or local ONG. We have already established the calendar for 2018 :  : environmental awareness, water activities for youngsters of reduced mobility, preservation of animal species, among others. Because we care about our community life. 

Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Fashion Revolution Brazil

Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Gives Back to the Community Associations


Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Brand concept

7.  FIGHTING against over production : we are in favour of a SLOW production cycle, without "end-of-series", without burnout sales and unsold products (on average 3% of the production of a fashion brand), no new collection at every turn. We can assess in real time the demand to adapt the supply. We wish to transmit through our accessories some values and emotions : courage, pride, fear, passion.

8.   RECYCLING everything that can be. The solution we have found to lengthen the life cycle our our materials is named Banco de Tecido. Despite the puzzles while cutting operations, sometimes we are not able to use each piece. This local and creative initiative recovers fabrics, cleans, organizes and offer a second life to them! 

9.  THE TRACEABILITY of materials is a goal that we really want to reach soon. It is yet difficult to pursue for some small metal accessories and others, but we won't give up et keep investigating. We are also working on "cost transparency". And soon, we'll be going for cost transparency. So that you can feel even closer to the little hands that have created your accessory, we strive to make our costs public to each and every one of you

Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Map Local Sourcing


Flor da Mata Brazil⎜Traditional Weavers Hammock North Brazil