Flor da Mata


FLOR DA MATA is a story of bags and accessories, of sand and coconut water. 

It's a story of samba and a handmade Brazil filled with values.

It's the story of chita, a traditional fabric that fights against modernity.

It's a story of fashion, well being, generosity, emotions and demands

And it's also the ethical challenge of a young French architect and designer.



Flor da Mata was born from love at first sight for a typically Brazilian fabric called chita : floral, colorful, merry, and with dozens of different prints... we just loved it ! 

The bags and accessories are thought out, designed and handmade on the island of Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil. 

It's a Brazilian metaphor to take with you every day. And this, supporting a local project which allies creation and commitment, and which supports a cultural identity


Flor da Mata ⎜Ethical Handmade Clutch Joaquina Brazil


Flor da Mata is a sincere and conscious project. Numerous young ethical and conscious initiatives are blooming and being approved by the consumers. It proves that consumption and production habits are evolving and that is what gives us the courage to share our short history with you.

We care about the well being of people we work with, about minimizing our environmental impact and above all, we believe in a different consumption for the future

We make accessories that fight for something, that believe in causes and participate in the social and economic life of a community.


Flor da Mata ⎜Ethical Handmade Bag Sambaqui Brazil




"II find it hard to talk about myself so I am going to talk about Flor da Mata.

I really tried to breathe my passions and my own values into it. 

I started Flor da Mata out of a wish to tell about my adventure – a trip to Brazil, plus a big urge to create and to bring about conscious consumption with a Brazilian flair.

It is the story of tradition coupled with the love for hand made, overall creation, a beach spirit, and natural fabrics with colors that make us smile.

I see this project as a means of bringing you a little bit of all that. "

Flor da Mata ⎜Founder Ethical Brand Julie Brazil


Julie, graduated in Design in 2008 at Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Saint-Paul city and a graduate in Architecture in 2014, born on the island of Reunion, France.

In 2015, she sets herself up for a personal challenge: she gets onto a plane to Brazil (without much preparation for her mother's regret!) and then everything begins.

An island of adoption, the discovery of sewing, the resumption of surfing, a wedding, two dogs. Today she supports another fashion, other means of production and consumption, creating pieces inspiring and inspired by the journey.

Determined, she sews, draws, projects, cuts, photographs, publishes ... she really holds it close to her heart to further this artisanal, social and colorful adventure, with you.


Flor da Mata ⎜Ethical Brand founder Julie  Brazil